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The SLIDE-LOK Slat-Wall System

Slat-Wall and
7 Slat-Wall Accessories
Endless Possibilities

Slat-Wall is the perfect addition to your garage. Whether above your workbench or on a wall, 5 Slat-Wall Hooks and 2
Slat-Wall baskets give you the ultimate in storage flexibility.

18" x 13" Basket

13" x 10" Basket

2-Hook Tool Rack

10" Double Hook

5" Double Hook
›› Easy to Install
and Use
›› Strong &
Durable Material
›› Custom Sizes
and Fit
›› 7 Slide-Lok Accessories
›› Compatible with Standard Slat-Wall Accessories
›› Attractive Woodgrain or Gray Finish

5 " J Hook

5" Loop Hook




Slide-Lok Modular Garage Storage Products
The Slide-Lok Garage Storage System is made up of 10 basic garage storage cabinets. Each cabinet is designed to be mixed and matched, allowing you to design your storage solution.
›› P2468 Pantry Cabinet
›› W4868 Wardrobe Cabinet
›› S4834 Stackable Cabinet
›› S3634 Stackable Cabinet
›› S4824 Stackable Cabinet
›› S3624 Stackable Cabinet
›› S2434 Stackable Cabinet
›› S2424 Stackable Cabinet
›› B2431-21 Base Cabinet
›› W3618 Wall Cabinet
›› Roll-out Drawer Optional
›› TL72 Table Top
›› Slat-Wall
›› Slat-Wall Accessories

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