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4ft Closet System  
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Cabinet Systems

Listed below are just a few configurations made possible through Slide-Lok’s stackable/modular cabinet design.

Because our cabinets are modular, you can mix and match cabinets and cabinet systems to create a custom designed storage system to suit your needs.

›› 6' Work Station
›› 6' Storage System
›› 8' Storage Unit
›› 10' Hobby Bench
›› 14' Work Bench
›› 12' Storage Wall
›› 16' Wall Storage
›› 9' Work Station
›› 10' Work Station
›› 6' Tech Series Work Station
›› 8' Tech Series Storage Unit
›› 6' Tech Series Storage System
›› 10' Tech Series Hobby Bench
›› 14' Tech Series Work Bench
›› 12' Tech Series Storage Wall
›› 16' Tech Series Storage Wall
›› 9' Tech Series Work Station
›› 10' Tech Series Work Station
›› 8ft Closet System
›› 6ft Closet System
›› 4ft Closet System
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